An entrepreneur is a person who takes risks in order to earn money.


Most often, this risk is associated with the purchase and sale of goods. For example, American school boy Cameron Johnson earned his first million before even graduating high school. He began by selling invitations to his parents parties. Then the young boy switched over to collecting his younger sister dolls and auctioning them off on eBay. Realizing that he could go even further, little Cameron contacted the company which produced those dolls and became their official dealer.


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March / 2020 Issue


The Ballad of Morse Code

NEE NED ZB 6TNN DEIBEDH SIEFI EBEE SSIEI ESEE SEEE - What could that be? A cipher communication? A message in an unknown language? Accidental typing on a keyboard? No, no, and no. Its a message from space.MESSAGE FROM THE RED PLANETHow many satellites does Mars have? Maybe two? Wrong - there are six of them, including the very questionable moons phobos and Deimos (their situation is a topic for another dicussion). The remaining four have distinctly alien origins. In other words, they were lanched from earth. One of them, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, which has been keeping the Martian watch since 2006, carries a digital camera manufactured by Ball Aerospace & Technologies. It cost $40 milion and weighs 65 kg. giving it the right to be called the universe heaviest and most


Using Science to Save Natural

860,000 seed samples have been picked for storage In the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, there are 10 million herbariums of plant specimens. Zoological museums all over the world store tens of millions of animals, from deep sea worms to mammoth skeletons. In addition to the "canned" biomaterial, there are hundreds of thousands of nature protected areas out there. Why do scientists study and preserve nature so zealously? The Price of Diversity Each living being has unique ecological optimum - the most comfortable living conditions for it. Our planet environment is unstable. The climate is constantly changing - it had been happening without human impact, but it was in the last two centuries that the process has noticeably accelerated. some organisms lose their comfort - its too wet, too hot or, conversely, too dry or cold,so they cannot survive.



To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world. "So states a Chinese proverb and this is, without a doubt, true. Learning a new language opens up a world of new frontiers and possibilities, allowing us to talk to new people and explore new experiences. Dr.Svetlana Chevenko wants to make this a possibility for everyone and has done so by developing a revolutionary method for learning Chinese that is accessible to all, from school children to adults. Dr. Chevenko, a specialist of East Asian languages who came to New Zealand in the 1990 has developed her teaching method using her experience in the fields of applied linguistics and artificial intelligence. Chinese, the world most widely-spoken language at 1.3 billion speakers, is very different from most other popular languages such as Spanish or English. Due to these differences, Dr. Chevenko has developed a method for learning Chinese that is tailored to its uniqueness.


COSPLAY: Meeting through Clothes

There are different kinds of fans. For some, a T-shirt with their favourite character is enough, while others transform their homes into veritable museums for paraphernalia. And others dont stop at taking on the role of their idols!

Geek World Fashion Designers

For those who arent in the loop, a cosplayer is a person who transforms into a different character, With the help of makup and a costume, at all sorts of fan meetups and Conventions. There are loads of sources for inspiration: comics, films, TV shows, anime, video games - all that that is beloved by "geek" culture. Because of this, any old pirate or princess costume wont fit in at a cosplay party, but if you dress up as Captain Jack Sparrow or Leia Organa - you are in.

There is an opinion that the fashion for changing Clothes came from Japan, but this is not so. The concept of Cosplay is really invented by a Japanese journalist and writer Nobuyuki Takahashi who connected the words costume and play

He used this word to describe what he saw at the 42nd worldcon(World Convention of Science Fiction), which was held not in japan . but in Los Angeles in addition, this was only in 1984 but fans dressing up in costumes suits appeared much earlier.




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