Vol #4

To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world. "So states a Chinese proverb and this is, without a doubt, true. Learning a new language opens up a world of new frontiers and possibilities, allowing us to talk to new people and explore new experiences. Dr.Svetlana Chevenko wants to make this a possibility for everyone and has done so by developing a revolutionary method for learning Chinese that is accessible to all, from school children to adults. Dr. Chevenko, a specialist of East Asian languages who came to New Zealand in the 1990 has developed her teaching method using her experience in the fields of applied linguistics and artificial intelligence. Chinese, the world most widely-spoken language at 1.3 billion speakers, is very different from most other popular languages such as Spanish or English. Due to these differences, Dr. Chevenko has developed a method for learning Chinese that is tailored to its uniqueness.



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