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We want our children to know history, many languages, understand mathematics and physics, conduct chemical experiments and love all the diverse forms of life on Earth.
We want our children to know how to think!

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Let us consider a circle and a point that does not belong to it. Connect all points of a circle with the given point by line segments.

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In Dan Brown’s novel Angels and Demons, villains steal a gram of antimatter from CERN and threaten to blow up Rome.

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The brighter — the warmer? Life experience tells us that these two concepts are inseparable.

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The heart is an essential organ of the human body. Scientists say that with age, the heart increases in size directly proportionally to the growth of a person’s own fist.

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“Recognizing someone by the eyes” can be based on their retina or iris. These begin to form in the mother’s womb and then hardly change after that (in a healthy person).

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The Mariana Trench lies in the northwestern Pacific Ocean near the Mariana Islands, which, in fact, gave the trench its name.

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Several years ago, Matthew discovered that it became difficult for him to move his hand, and a neurologist came to a disappointing conclusion:

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We do not know exactly when football madness began. Kicking a ball around was popular from Egypt to South America, from Greece to China.

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The “Doomsday Clock” is a symbolic dial that shows the countdown to a global catastrophe (the closer to midnight, the greater the danger).